Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Life to Live

One Life to Live
As we sat around the circle to reflect on the day we all realized it was a tremendous day of interaction with another aspect of God’s family, some of the folks of the Elder Care Ministry of Healing Haiti.
These family members are at this very moment are sitting in the dark in an eight by ten structure that is made of a wood frame surrounded by blue tarp and a metal roof. The floor could be cement but most likely it is dirt. In the next couple of days the structures will face hurricane Isaac with wind and rain yet to be determined. Will the structures hold?  We don’t know for sure. PRAY!
When I think back on the day I feel so blessed that I could help several frail elderly gentlemen take a shower, put on a brand new shirt, and feel refreshed. The last man we helped needed to sit while showering, but even though we struggled to help him he sat in that running shower water and made little groans of happiness. I don’t think he really wanted to come out of that shower. As I washed his back and got down on my knees to wash his legs and feet, I could not help but to remember Jesus instruction to do this very thing. My American culture doesn’t have much occasion to provide such a service. And yet maybe there are ways?!
We fed them, clothed them, prayed with them, worshiped with them, hugged and loved on them. And as I reflect on our time with them I realized I have but one life to live and with that life I only have “One life to Love.”
Bodies that have been twisted by the hardships of life still need a hug and so do I!
After we were done with the “Party” for these wonderful people we made our way back to Port au Prince and the guesthouse. Along the way we stopped at the mass gravesite of those who died in the earthquake and the following cholera epidemic. It was sobering to me because most likely at least two of my friends from previous trips were buried there.  I was sad and yet quite happy because I WILL see them again. I reminded me that there is uncertainty in life and we should live it to the fullest.
Remember the words: “Only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Steve Kersting

Bonswa from Haiti!

Yes...Gail here BLOGGING!  This Haiti Mission trip has been beyond my imagination.  Today we had a gathering for the elders at Grace Village, the Healing Haiti Orphanage.  They could have a shower (one elder hasn't had a shower in recent years), they had a lunch, and took part in 2 crafts with the enthusiasm of young children.  They walked into the door with huge smiles and warm hugs anticipating a glorious day.  And did they have a glorious day!  Because of the massive earthquake  in January of 2010, these lovely elders are living in tarp tents, a step up from the cardboard tents they used to call home.  They are sleeping on dirt floors.  Most are weak and fragile.  Some are blind or partially paralyzed.  When we went to visit them at their homes, they welcome us warmly and proudly show us their few household items.  They are thrilled to see that we have brought them medical supplies, lotions, etc.  The culture and economic opportunities separate us, but they have hopes and dreams too.  For all of us, it's been an honor to be God's caring hands.  We also had an emotional visit to the Mass Grave, where 300,000 people were all buried after the earthquake.  Tomorrow we are going to help with water trucks in Citie Soleil and then go to The Home for Sick and Dying Children.  We may have to alter our flight plans depending on impending Hurricane Isaac's track.

                                                                                                     Orevwa, Gail