Friday, June 1, 2012


It's the end of the week and the word for today is "joy".

It is a joy to serve the elderly, but they bring such joy to Haiti. Some say it's the children who bring the joy to Haiti because they are everywhere.
And, they are full of smiles and joy.

However, if you look closely, pause temporarily and expect God to show you truth - you view the elderly and see joy. There is beauty in their aged faces. The Son shining in their toothless smiles.
Today we brought 10 elderly meals on wheels along with water. Some had not eaten for a full day or more, so they were ecstatic to receive God's blessing. Again, toothless smiles full of joy.

How can people who have so little be so joyful and continue to praise God and give him credit? While in America, we struggle to remember to pray before a meal and acknowledge where the food came from?

Tomorrow is a new day - another day to see what God has planned.