Thursday, October 20, 2011

November Haiti Trip

We will be heading to Haiti the week of Thanksgiving and do a "maintenance" run to check on the elders. At that time, we will assess not only the care, physical health and nutrition of the elderly, but we will shine God's love. In turn, we will inevitably be blessed by their faith, welcome smiles and contagious hopefulness.

At this time we have 1/3 of the Talking Bibles donated, and we continue to pray for more donation sponsors to be moved by the Holy Spirit. We will actually purchase all 30 Bibles at one time to receive the cheapest rate.

We also are continuing to seek dedicated sponsors for the 30 elderly. These sponsors can be full-time @ $40 per month or partial sponsors @ $20 a month. These sponsorships help us provide doctor visits, food, water as well as fundamentals like bed mattresses and sheets for each elder.

We are amazed at how God continues to provide for these truly forgotten Haitians.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

ElderCare Update 09/11

We hope this Elder Care news finds all our faithful sponsors healthy and on fire to serve the Lord in any way you are called. This a brief update as to what is happening with the elderly we serve in Haiti.

“So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash another’s feet. For I have given you an example that you also should do just as I have done for you.” 
                                                                     John 13: 14 & 15

In August, our elder care support team was able to provide a “feet-washing party” for the elderly up at Grace Village. Grace Village is the site being developed to house orphans, elderly and street children as well as provide a place of worship, an education, fish farm and other growth opportunities for the Haitians living in the village of Titanyen.

The elder party involved preaching by our interpreter, FanFan, a meal of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, singing with our driver, Junior, and our two Haitian workers, HenryClaude and Andrenoi. Our support team then washed the feet of each elder and massaged their feet and hands with lotion before giving them each a new pair of flip flops.

The elderly came dressed in their finest clothes for the “party”. They beamed as they praised God and enjoyed the special attention.

It was a day to be reminded they are not forgotten by God or by others. We take every opportunity to remind them of their faithful sponsors who lift them up in prayer.

Food, Water & Work: Meals on Wheels Program and Employment

Two of our elder support team will return to Titanyen, Haiti in November to check on the elders and make sure the program is running smoothly. We hope to deliver adult vitamins, eye drops and muscle rub (BenGay) as well as check on the elder’s medical and spiritual needs. In the meantime, we are blessed by the Healing Haiti mission teams that arrive almost weekly and minister to the elderly in our absence. In this way, the elderly are “watched over” weekly and our Haitian workers, Andrenoi and HenryClaude also have support.

Other than the quarterly visits when the elder support team works in Haiti, we are working hard back in the United States to raise awareness of these truly forgotten Haitians. We are continually telling the story of these elderly and asking God to open up hearts so we can fully sponsor all 30 of the elderly. The $40 a month sponsorship provides basic food and water for each of the elders. Both of which are not prevalent and in abundance for Haitians. Once the Kubota 4-wheeler is unloaded this fall, we hope to begin a feeding program (Haitian Meals-on-Wheels) so elders receive a minimum of one meal a day as well as water.

The photo to the above is of Edmond Honore – one of our more fragile elderly - receiving a much needed bottle of water and touch – both of which are limited for the elderly in Haiti.

The other news from our elder support team is we are now praying and planning to purchase and distribute Creole “Talking Bibles” for the 30 elderly. As we focus on the spiritual needs of our 30 elderly, we are pleased to announce 6 Talking Bibles have already been donated at $50 each.

These are easy-to-operate Bibles that run on batteries. The founder of Talking Bibles, Mark Hoekstra, has given the elder care program one to show potential donors. Mark is pictured here holding the small audio Bible. If you or your group/organization are interested in this project, please let Susan know and you can see/hold the Talking Bible to fully understand its impact. Imagine what this will do for the elderly who cannot read or write, but who will now have the daily opportunity to listen to the word of God and share it with neighbors. This can provide our elderly with a connection/access to God’s word which we take for granted in America. It can also provide the elderly with a purpose as they share the good news with neighbors. Check out the website for more in-depth information about this next drive of the elder care support team of Healing Haiti.

As Haitian elder Vertilia Pierre said, “Prayer is like syrup – give it to me!” We can give prayer and an audio Bible to enhance these elder’s faith journeys.

Monthly Praises:
  • For the continuing forward momentum with people interested in praying for and supporting the elderly.
  • For the dedicated 4 women of the elder support team who work tirelessly and endlessly!
  • For God allowing all of us in America to be part of his plan to touch and help the truly forgotten in Haiti.
  • For two of our elders being employed. One is sewing items and one is caring for another elder in the program.

Monthly Prayers:
  • For the health of three of our most vulnerable elders: Angeline Joseph, Edmond Honore, and Antoine Clericin.
  • For a possible fund raising event that can help provide much needed dollars to purchase vitamins, medicines, food, water and Talking Bibles for the 30 elderly we serve.
  • For protection and discernment as two elder care support team members, Susan and Mickey, begin financial, spiritual and physical preparation for the November trip.

Elder, Marie Derisile, with elder care support team member, Linda Blesener, at Marie’s “house.”

If you have any comments, questions or ideas, please call or e-mail Susan at 612-308-3018 or Your prayers for the program and each elderly are valued and needed.

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”