Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thank you Hannah for all your work with ElderCare!

Hannah with Carolle, the ElderCare employee

Hannah's time as the Long Term Missionary that supported ElderCare has come to an end.  We were so sad to see her go, but so grateful for all that she accomplished while she was there.  As a nurse, she strengthened the monitoring and care that the elderly received by further training Carolle.  She is the only reason we were able to start the Community Artisan Program....allowing the elderly and their families to earn money instead of just receiving handouts.  To start a program like this in Haiti is an all consuming task: monitoring and training everyone involved and keeping track of all the details.  Beyond her daily tasks, she also managed all those things that come up: doctor visits, surgeries, deaths and funerals, and request upon request from elders and the community.  And most importantly, by living in Haiti, she was also able to provide such insight into how we do things and always kept the focus on why we serve and doing it in the best way possible for the people we serve. Even though her job is complete, that insight will affect the ElderCare program for a long time to come.  Thank you Hannah for everything you did!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Antchola gets a new home!

This is Antchola in the doorway of her old home made of sticks and tarps....full of holes that did not keep out the rain or bugs.
 This is the team two weeks ago, getting ready to move Antchola to her new home.
 The team with all of Antchola's belongings.  Can you imagine moving all of your belongings in one trip like this?  As you can see, she also lived on the other side of this ravine from Titanyen, so crossing it every day would get more dangerous as she ages. 
Her beautiful new home with concrete walls, tin roof and a mattress. 
Antchola and her granddaughter!

Thank you to the donors who sponsored her first 6 months of rent and her new mattress!  Because Antchola is in the Artisian program, we will be working with her to teach her how to save money over the next 6 months to provide for her own housing.  Please pray for Antchola and the rest of our elders, that we can continue to provide them with self sufficiency!

Congratulations Pirre!

Many of you that love the ElderCare program, also love Pirre.  Just wanted to give you an update that he got married in 2013 and on December 16, he and his wife welcomed Baby Esdras to the world.  Congratulations Pirre!