Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Miracle for Angeline

Each week, I receive updates from the current mission team about their visits with the elderly.  One week about 5 months ago, a team reported that Angeline wanted shoes because she said, "I am going to walk again and tell everyone in Titanyen about Jesus".  I smiled because Angeline has been bed-ridden since I've known her.  Her right side is paralyzed from a stroke.

A few weeks later, another team reported that Angeline was moving her right leg just a little bit.  I got goosebumps....was her prediction coming true?  Would God heal her?

On my last trip, we did medical visits with Dr. Sem.  Because Angeline is homebound, we made a visit to her house.  Dr. Sem did his routine checkup and then it clicked.....let's see what Dr. Sem says about her leg.  I pulled back her sheet and asked Angeline to show us how far she could lift her leg.  She lifted her whole leg off the bed!  We cheered!  I asked him what the chances are that she would walk again.  He reported that all she needs is some physical therapy.  Alleluia!

I packed that information into my brain, detemined to find out if there was a physical therapist on any of the upcoming mission trips.....

Later that night, we were meeting the new team that had just arrived at the guesthouse and the new longterm missionary, Elisa.  Through random conversation we discovered that Elisa had some physical therapy training.  Doesn't God just line everything up perfectly???  That night, Elisa emailed the next team to bring down some of her equipment and late last week, she trained two of the elders (that we hire to care for Angeline) how to do physical therapy with her. 

I get tears in my eyes when I think about Angeline walking around Titanyen telling people how Jesus healed her.  What a day that will be!